Gajumaru Chiropractic IN Fujisawa and yokohama area

Chiropractic is a health-care profession that focuses on the spine and joints of the body and their connection to the nerve-system. The word "chiropractic" means to be done by hand so chiropractors practice primarily using their hands. A chiropractor use adjustments that is a very safe, specific, controlled force applied to a joint to restore proper function and mobility.

Accidents falls, stress or over-exertion can negatively impact your spine or other joints. These changes impact tissues the nervous system and other areas of the body. Left unresolved problems could make you more susceptible to chronic conditions. In addition to adjustments, chiropractors also fitness coaching and nutritional advice. The purpose of Chiropractic care is to help patients maintain optimal health while avoiding unnecessary drugs or surgery.


Initial Visit: It takes you about 60 minutes to perform examinations such as postural exam, neurological exam, orthopedic exam, physical exam and chiropractic treatment. If it is needed, we advice you to go to a local hospital and take X-ray or MRI there before chiropractic treatment.


Subsequent Visit: the second visit it takes you about 45 minutes. We recheck your condition through examinations and perform chiropractic treatment.

History Taking: You are asked about your condition and current symptoms.


Assessments:We perform postural, physical, neurological and orthopedic examinations for analyzing the cause of your problems.


Treatment: Chiropractors practice manipulative technique on your spine and other parts of your body.


Advice: A chiropractor give you some advices of current conditions and explain your treatment plan. 


Low Back Pain, Acute and Chronic Back Pain, Stiff Neck, Headache, Migraines, Whiplash Frozen Shoulder, Spinal Curvature, Sciatica, Hip and Knee Pain, Fatigue, Thoracic Pain, Female Problems, Gastrointestinal Problems, Sports Injuries, Autonomic Imbalance, Postural Improvement and Health Maintenance.


Cancer/Tumor, Infectious and Contagious Disease, Fractures/ Dislocation of Bones, Blood Related Disease(clotting Disorder)etc.

Treatment Fee

First Visit 7,500 yen/ Subsequent Visit 6,000 yen/ five times tickets 29,000 yen/ ten times tickets 56,000 yen

*The expiration date on five&ten times tickets are a year since you buy them.

*Your family and friends can also use these tickets.


Dr Motoki Kurachi

Tokyo College of Chiropractic(DC), 2018

Member of Japanese Association of Chiropractors

Tokyo Internal University, 2011

Registered Chiropractor,

Japan Chiropractic Register, 2018


Tuesday to Saturday 9:00a.m-8:00p.m

Sunday 9:00a.m-2:00p.m

Monday: closed


252-0804 1F Shonandai-tyuo-Build

5-4-6 shounandai Fujisawa-shi

Kanagawa  Japan